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If you are in a hurry it’s better to read only the first part of the description.
We are a small rwt company. We have been working since 2014, our previous projects: Realmshop, Troveflux.
During this time, we processed 30.582 orders. Our feedbacks on previous projects can be find at links: realmshop.info, troveflux.com.


We’ve been real world trading since 2014 – our first game was Realm of the Mad God – Roguelike mmorpg in arcade style. We started as sellers on popular forums, in 2016 we opened our first website – Realmshophttps://whois.com/whois/realmshop.info
During the work of our project, Rotmg changed 2 development teams(from Kabams to the Decas), and in 2016 there it was a massive dupe in game.

In 2017, we launched a new project for Trovehttps://whois.com/whois/troveflux.com
It’s Voxel online game, similar as Cube world or Minecraft MMoRPG.
In this game also was a massive ban and rollback of accounts due to the dupe in 2017.
Purchasing any items or services at our site you can be sure that all our game values
were not duplicated or obtained by exploit methods, since we buy them only from trusted players, who have been working with our service for several years).

RpgRip is not our main project, now we’re working on the development of a gaming b2b services platform.

RpgRip – is a site that provide services for intermediary between users of site.
We try to offer our customers the fastest and best service for the sale of  items in the game RpgRip.

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