Trove Revenant 28.5k PR 248MR SOLD

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  • 248 t. Mastery Rank.
  • All characters level 30-12 (Revenant, Knight 30 lvl)
  • Main class in FULL Crystal set (3 lvl Hat, 2 lvl Face, 2 lvl Spear).
  • All Stellar gems Almost maxed, with Good stats.
  • Have 3 fledgling, 2 adult, 1 ancestral, 1 legendary, 1 primordial dragons!
  • 28,5K PR (Revenant), 14-8.6K PR (Lunar Lancer, Shadow Hunter, Neon Ninja, Gunslinger), Other class 5K PR.
  • 6600k Cubits.
  • Many Mounts, tomes, emblem, flask, allies, poles, ship, wings, mag rider and other custom things unlocked.