Arcane Legends


Arcane Legends is the best game in the MMORPG and RPG genre for mobile devices!

Travel through different dungeons, fight bosses, gather and collect items, team up with other players and form guilds, get yourself a pet and explore exciting 3D worlds together with your friends.

Create your own unique character and complete various quests along with thousands of other players online in real time. Quests will take you and your friends through castles, forests, and dungeons to fight dragons, orcs and other evil creatures that are trying to destroy the Arlor kingdom.
You will get gold as a reward from dungeons.
There are three classes that are available in the game, many skills to unlock and upgrade as well as countless ways to customize your character. Of course, we shouldn’t overlook the following PvP modes: duels, deathmatch and capture the flag. New epic events appear every weekend and that means new places to explore and ways to play.
You can buy gold to get it faster and increase your progress in game.