Frequently asked questions

1. Can I trust you?
We have been working since 2014, our first domain was registered in 2016 ( If you have any doubts, you can test our service by using the promotional product(s) one time for free.

2. What is the difference between your service and the others?
If you choose our service, you will get double profit – you will save your money and time.

3. How to make an order?
Purchase (a) product(s) you are interested in by using a convenient method of payment.
Write the order number (it will be sent on your email) in the live chat.
Live chat support explains all the details, while our in-game courier is departing to take the delivery for you (if you bought an account(s) and/or a game code(s), then all the details would have been already sent on your email).

4.How long does the delivery take?
Small orders from 5 to 10 minutes.
Medium orders from 10 to 25 minutes.
Some special products (like maxing service, accounts, etc.) may take up to 40 minutes.

5. How to make a purchase?
Add a product you are interested in to the shopping cart and then click on it. If you decide to make a purchase, click on the checkout button and choose an appropriate payment method (if you want to pay with steam/amazon giftcard, then choose the Amazon/steam gift card’s payment method and type your gift code into the field).

6. Payment
We accept paypal payments, credit cards which are supported by pp, and Amazon/Steam/PS4/Xbox/Mastercad/Visa/Visa Vanilla gift cards.

7. What is a Promo product(s)?
This is a good opportunity to test our service. You can get the free product only once for each game!
Any bypass of the system will be regarded as a violation of the terms and conditions of this site and leads to the termination of the provision of services to all current and future accounts for this user.

8.Maxing service. What does it mean?
ROTMG maxing service is a service which helps you to make your character up to the maximum stats.
2/8 – choose 2 of any stats (not including life or mana)
4/8- choose 4 of any stats (not including life or mana)
6/8 – does not include life or mana.
8/8 – all 8 stats.
For this you need:
a 20 lvl-ed character.
Open profile on

9. What if I haven’t got my items?
Write to us on
If you had written your order number in the live chat and haven’t got the delivery within 24 hours we will refund your money.

10.No One answered me in the live chat. What should I do?
You may not be responded due to the technical failures. When we fix them you will be notified by the email.

Check your email address. If it’s not correct, you should resend the message with the number of your order from the correct one.

11.If you have any other questions, just leave us a message by the most convenient way (it’s listed in the order of the promptness of the answer)

Live chat
skype: rpg_rip / discord: