Cubic castles


Cubic Castles is an online multiplayer game, where you can build different using cubes and other objects.  What kinds of worlds? Any world you can imagine! Role-playing, 3D platforming or other challenges. You decide what to do. Looking for challenging parkour on slippery ice all over deadly spikes? No trouble! Or perhaps a simple house on a hill overlooking a lake? Look no further! Just a couple of days after the beta test was launched the players have already created many beautiful and diverse worlds!


Vast multiplayer world that is shared between you and many other players; 3D gaming platform that allows many things: from platformers to art design; wide character customization: create your own unique character with an abundance of clothes; various biomes for resource mining; an interesting crafting system (via workbenches); lots of obstacles, such as: quicksand, mechanical rings and many more!