Shadowclad Enchantment


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Shadowclad enchantment is the most available enchantment for every Neverwinter player.
Upon taking damage each hit adds 16% to your deflection rating.
It is highly relevant, and the price is abysmally low.

The Shadowclad Enchantment, Rank 14 is an armor enchantment.

Item Level: 97

When applied to an item:

Armor Enhancement Slot: When receiving damage each hit adds 16% to your Deflection rating and a 4% increase to your Damage Resistance for 8 seconds.

This effect can stack a maximum of 8 times and expires when you successfully Deflect.

When you successfully deflect an attack with 8 stacks of Shadowclad, your armor will Daze nearby foes for 2 seconds and place you in Stealth for 4 seconds.

This effect cannot happen more than once every 30 seconds.

Your armor is enveloped by a spirit of cunning and deception, warding off and deceiving attackers.

Enchantment Rank: 13 (0/60,000 to next rank)

Guaranteed upgrade: 0/150

No Level Requirement