Replica Inya’s Epiphany Arcanist Slippers


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Replica Inya’s Epiphany Arcanist Slippers
Quality: +20%
Energy Shield: 54
Requires Level 61, 119 Int
+(50-70) to maximum Life
Regenerate 0.5% of Life per second per Power Charge
(5-8)% increased Intelligence
5% increased Damage per Power Charge
5% increased Movement Speed per Power Charge
“Prototype #56 was deemed safe, but judging by Administrator Qotra’s new hustle
and improved ability to micromanage us, I’m not so sure.”
– Researcher Graven

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Replica Inya’s Epiphany is a pair of unique Arcanist Slippers. It is the replica version of Inya’s Epiphany.

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Purchase costs:
Purchase Costs Normal 1x Scroll of Wisdom

Additional Information:
Item class: Active Skill Gems