Path of Exile Sceptres are based on the elemental damage, they are one-handed melee weapons. It is worth speaking of some:

  • The “Brutus’ Lead Sprinkler” is used in the builds with strength stacking and it raises the damage from hits;
  • The “Doon Cuebiyari” is also used in strength stacking builds and raises the overall damage.

Worth noting the “Cerberus Limb”, however it is a very situational weapon since it depends on how many players are currently playing the poe trickster class with the non chaos builds, that means that it can be either a super cool weapon, or a weapon nobody cares about.
The “Doryani’s Catalyst” has lost his relevance at the time of the 3.10 release (the current league), but before that it was appreciated for the life-steal, the high elemental damage and the high damage on hit builds.