ROTMG Potions


Potions in the Realm of the Mad God are the main source of maxing your character stats. It improves your character stats by 1, mana and life potions, increase by 10 and 5. In the game you can also drop improved version that give a 2x increase in stats, for example dexterity will give 2 dex stats.

You can farm potions in godlands or dungeons, you can  drop the following potions in Realm of the Mad god:
from the following gods or dungeon bosses

NameEffectDrop fromAlso drop from 
Potion of Attack+1 ATTOryx the Mad GodWood ConstructShaitan the Advisor
Sprite GodLord RuthvenThe Puppet Master
Flying BrainMurderous MegamothThe Puppet Master (Encore)
White DemonTezcacoatl the Great BasiliskMarble Colossus
Steel ConstructThe Forgotten SentinelCorruption Phantom
Rock ConstructJanus the Doorwarden
Potion of Defense+1 DEFBeholderTezcacoatl the Great BasiliskMarble Colossus
LeviathanStone GuardianDaichi the Fallen
Ent GodOryx the Mad GodAbyss Idol
Slime GodHorrific CreationThe Forgotten Sentinel
Gulpord the Slime GodThe BeekeeperGolden Rat
Potion of Speed+1 SPDMedusaTroll MatriarchGrave Caretaker
DjinnGhost BrideJon Bilgewater the Pirate King
Ghost GodStheno The Snake Queen
Potion of Dexterity+1 DEXLimon the Sprite GoddessJon Bilgewater the Pirate King
Hermit GodIvory Wyvern
Potion of Vitality+1 VITAvalon the ArchivistGhost of SkuldMurderous Megamoth
Corruption PhantomHermit GodAbyss Idol
Archdemon MalphasGrand Sphinx
Potion of Wisdom+1 WISAvalon the ArchivistGrave CaretakerDr. Terrible
Septavius the Ghost GodGhost of SkuldGrand Sphinx
Troll MatriarchGhost BrideDavy Jones
Potion of Life+5 Maximum HPBesMalusJon Bilgewater the Pirate King
NutVoid EntityMurderous Megamoth
GebXolotl the Lightning GodThe Forgotten King
Crystal EntityMarble ColossusKiller Bee Queen
Potion of Mana+5 Maximum MPThessal the Mermaid GoddessEsben the UnwillingSon of Arachna
Nightmare ColonyEl DoradoTwilight Archmage
Infested ChestMalus
Marble ColossusVoid Entity

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Also worth mentioning that life pot, like deca ring in the rotmg, is a universal currency for exchange and you can use it when trading in-game values ​​between players.