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Trove – online multiplayer game with RPG elements. The in-game world is voxel-based, locations are divided into biomes with their own unique bosses and loot. In Trove you can play as one of many classes, all the equipment will be shared between all characters at the account. There are many styles, auras, mounts and other collectibles.

Many of activities are available in the game such as crafting, gardening and fishing. Advanced economic system made trading as divided activity. Social interactions, clubs and many other things that waiting you in Trove. You can be sure to find something in this procedural generation game.


Farming flux is a long-time process, here is you can find some tips about how to farm flux fast:

  1. Collecting and selling Geode resources, ores, mounts.
  2. Fishing some rare resources and glim.
  3. Ganda nitro-glitterin Trails.
  4. Earning Bomber royale coins.

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