1000 Diamond Dragon Raja Mobile


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How does diamond delivery work?
First you need to get any Rare Dragonic Gear, it can be obtained by completing dungeons and completing daily quest.

This item has its own characteristics (M.ATK INS STR stats and so on)

and it is very important that you save them in advance, they are useful to you for getting your diamonds.
If you do not have this item, we can purchase any other item (Exotic Outfit) of appearance (glasses, a wig and other fashion items).

After you place an order, you will need to take a screenshot of your item in the game and put its game store for sale at the price you would like to purchase. (The price depends on the item, it is impossible to set it certain)
Within 8 hours we will buy your item and you will receive your diamonds. This is the only way to transfer currency.