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Realm of the mad god

Rotmg – is a multiplayer retro online RPG gade made in pixel style with roguelike elements (when your character dies, he disappears with all his equipment.) from Shadow Studios. You can choose to play as a knight, or become an archer, or be a powerful wizard. Some classes are more complicated than others (for example, ranged classes such as wizard will be easier for a newbie than rogue or trickster), regardless of what you choose, you will find yourself in the world of Mad God, where you will need to complete quests in randomly generated locations.

Leaderboard system

The game has a leaderboard system where every top 20 players are shown as the best. To gain an advantage over other players you need to upgrade your character, increasing your stats, this can be useful if you know about maxing service.


Also you need to farm equipment in different dungeons, the more difficult the dungeon, the better the equipment will be, for example, the sword of acclaim will be better than skysplitter. You may even be lucky and get ut equipment (which is not tradable), but if you do not want to spend your time knocking out ut equipment (this can be quite difficult), then we recommend you to visit the ut accounts section. Pets will also matter if you intend to become the top 20.
Even if you don’t want to farming it, you can buy any Realm of the Mad God items in our store.
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