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Neverwinter Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that became widely known among fans of “RPG” projects. This project was released on June 20, 2013.

The actions of this multiplayer game take place in a fictional region called Neverwinter, at where is almost the entire story of the campaign happens, including the “Legacy Campaign”. The player starting from first seconds of the game appear into the difficult and tangled history, that the player still has to figure out.

Let’s introduce the main game characters: Sergeant Knox, Lord Neverember, Sybella Artis and other key NPCs that will tell you all the events that are currently happening in the Neverwinter, as well as what must be done to restore order in the city.


Gameplay is represented with a huge variety of possibilities, specifically a wide choice of Main/Side/Daily/Weekly quests that the player need to complete in order to progress the story. The developers have added many opportunities to learn the story from side sources, for instance, from the conversation of local residents or heroes that are located in this area, also there is some notes randomly located at maps, upon reaching which, you will receive information and knowledge about lore, of a certain place, or even a short background story.


If you were wondering how to get astral diamonds in Neverwinter or where it is better to farm them.

There are several ways to farm astral diamonds:

In dungeons. There is a limit – you can only refine 100.000 rough diamonds per week.

Trade items. Simply buying some of them and reselling for higher price.

Buying items from the store and opening cases. Later selling this items at auction house for ad.

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