Neverwinter Runestones


Runestones are powerful unique items for companions that both enhance the companion’s and your character’s stats.

5 types of runestones exist:

  • common
  • uncommon
  • rare
  • epic
  • legendary

There are 15 levels, which are different from each other and increase stats depending on the level of the runestone. (Level 15 bonding runestone gives 70%, while level 13 gives 60%).


Runestones are an important aspect of the game, since many of them are extremely impactful on your further leveling.


  • Mysterious runestone
  • Bonding runestone
  • Profane runestone
  • Arcane runestone
  • Empowered runestone
  • Recondite runestone


Separately from runestones there are enchantments, which are inserted into the second slot in helmet and gloves.


  • Greater Black Dragon Glyph
  • Greater Red Dragon Glyph
  • Greater Green Dragon Glyph
  • Greater White Dragon Glyph
  • Greater Blue Dragon Glyph


Also, there are smaller dragon enchantments with the same names, their differences are miserable, so there is no point in going over them, their duration is 1 hour.


There are also enchantments entitled black Ice enchantment that can be received from Kessell’s Retreat or can be made with black ice refinement.



  • Greater Corrupt Black Ice Enchantment.
  • Greater Corrupt Piercing Enchantment.
  • Greater Corrupt Lethal Enchantment.
  • Greater Purified Restoration Enchantment.
  • Greater Purified Tempered Enchantment.
  • Greater Purified Black Ice Enchantment.


They do not cost much, but will make the game much easier for you. Their duration is 8 hours. (Lesser versions of the same enchantments also exists).


There are also frosted glyphs that can be obtained by completing the “Create a frosted glyph” mission from the “Storm King’s Thunder” campaign. From the received pack you will be able to pick one of the four glyphs of your choice, their duration is 2 hours.


  • Frosted Lethal Glyph.
  • Frosted Smiting Glyph.
  • Frosted Tempered Glyph.
  • Frosted Protection Glyph.


Also, there are enchantments for strongholds and there are a lot of them, but they are quite useless.


In conclusion I should say that runestones can increase your stats by a ton, that is why it is worth considering about buying some since they do not cost much and are extremely useful.