1Mil Astral Diamonds – Neverwinter


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Astral Diamonds – an equivalent of a premium currency that is bought with real money. It is possible to obtain absolutely every single item in the game since there is a way to exchange your in-game currency to a premium one.

There is currently a few ways for getting AD:

  • Invocation is another place where you can obtain the Astral Diamonds.
  • Rough AD that are considered as a bonus, specifically you will be receiving them on top of other items, after completing dungeons or trials.


Invocation is a long time process, so it will take a few day, even weeks to receive some astral diamons.

Another way is by doing the epic dungeons, Skirmishes, trials – they will reward you with a certain amount of Astral Diamonds. Dungeon chests also drop extra currency, as well as other items that can be sold. Worth mentioning that some items that are obtained from these dungeon chests can be sold for extraordinary prices on the auction house. Should be said that the rough astral diamonds can be refined and only then can be spent.

Astral Diamonds are a very important resource and valuable in-game currency, it is strongly advised to farm them at any opportunity, so in the future you can afford purchasing even more valuable and important items.