Painseeker Shagreen Gloves


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Painseeker Shagreen Gloves
Quality: +20%
Evasion: (318-424)
Requires Level 54, 78 Dex
Adds (16-19) to (25-29) Fire Damage
Adds (16-19) to (25-29) Cold Damage
Adds (6-10) to (33-38) Lightning Damage
(60-120)% increased Evasion Rating
Critical Strikes do not inherently apply non-Damaging Ailments
Inflict non-Damaging Ailments as though dealing (100-200)% more Damage
Lay bare paths to pain you never knew you had.

Small description

Painseeker is a pair of unique Shagreen Gloves.

See? It’s never been easier! Enough waiting, Painseeker Shagreen Gloves POE is waiting for its owner!