Realmshaper Iron Staff


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Realmshaper Iron Staff
Quality: +20%
Physical Damage: 16.8–50.4
Elemental Damage: (10-15)–(20-25) (10-15)–(20-25)
Critical Strike Chance: 6.40%
Attacks per Second: 1.30
Weapon Range: 13
Requires Level 13, 27 Str, 27 Int
+1 to Level of Socketed Fire Gems
+1 to Level of Socketed Cold Gems
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 5 Cold to Fire
Adds (10-15) to (20-25) Fire Damage
Adds (10-15) to (20-25) Cold Damage
(30-50)% increased Elemental Damage
“God’s creations always begin and end with flames and ice.
We should count ourselves lucky when we see neither.”
– Archbishop Geofri

Realmshaper is a unique Iron Staff.

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