Replica Kaom’s Heart Glorious Plate


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Quality: +20%
Armour: 931
Requires Level 68, 191 Str
Has no Sockets
(30-40)% increased Lightning Damage
+500 to maximum Mana
“Useless for our purposes, but perhaps we can sell Prototype #5
to an archmage to fund other experiments.”


Replica Kaom’s Heart is a unique Glorious Plate. It is the replica version of Kaom’s Heart.

You can buy Replica Kaom’s Heart Glorious Plate and any other items from us. We work 24/7/365.

Acquisition Replicas can be obtained from the Curio Display in the final reward rooms of Laboratory or Prohibited Library Grand Heists . Replicas cannot be chanced .

The Kaom’s heart is many players’ favorite item on a HC. Kaom’s heart provides your character with lots of survivability and that is highly valued by everyone.