Replica Windripper Imperial Bow


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Replica Windripper Imperial Bow
Quality: +20%
Physical Damage: 24–93.6
Elemental Damage: (48-60)–(72-90) 1–(120-150)
Critical Strike Chance: (6.50%-7.00%)
Attacks per Second: (1.59-1.67)
Weapon Range: 120
Requires Level 66, 212 Dex
Adds (48-60) to (72-90) Cold Damage
Adds 1 to (120-150) Lightning Damage
(10-15)% increased Attack Speed
(30-40)% increased Critical Strike Chance
Enemies Frozen by you take 20% increased Damage
+(90-120) Energy Shield gained on Killing a Shocked Enemy
“Beware. Prototype #91 is haunted by a strange miasma,
an odour of evil. Nothing can shield the senses.”
– Researcher Arn

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Small description

Replica Windripper is a unique Imperial Bow. It is the replica version of Windripper.

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What is the sell price of Replica Windripper Imperial Bow?
Sell Price 1x Scroll Fragment

Additional Information:
Item class: Support Skill Gems