Restless Cycles Platinum Valdo’s Rest Watchstone


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Restless Cycles Platinum Valdo’s Rest Watchstone
+1 to Monster Level of Area
Beyond Demons in Areas grant (20–25)% increased Experience
Gems found in Areas have 3% chance to drop with 20% Quality
Plants Harvested in Areas have (13–15)% chance to give an additional Crafting option
Areas have +(25–30)% chance to contain a Vaal Side Area
15 uses remaining

“There were seasons in this strange new place, but not of sun and snow.
Seasons of stone that rose and fell like waves.
Seasons of structure and growth and madness and chaos.
Seasons of birth and decay that seemed untethered to cause.”
Socket this into a Citadel on your Atlas to increase the Tier of Maps and reveal hidden Maps in that Citadel’s Region. You can only socket one Crimson, Viridian, Cobalt or Golden Watchstone into each Citadel.

Short description
Restless Cycles is a unique Platinum Valdo’s Rest Watchstone.

Purchase costs:
Purchase Costs Normal 1x Divine Orb

Additional Information:
Item class: Support Skill Gems

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