Southbound Soldier Gloves


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When my Southbound will be delivered?

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Southbound Soldier Gloves
Quality: +20%
Armour: 110
Energy Shield: 21
Requires Level 51, 40 Str, 40 Int
Adds (30-36) to (44-50) Cold Damage to Attacks
(12-16)% increased maximum Life
+(40-50)% to Cold Resistance
25% increased Freeze Duration on Enemies
Your Hits can only Kill Frozen Enemies
50% increased Herald of Ice Damage
Far south, the winter crawls under the skin.
Below the snow, adrift wanderers sleep.

Additional Information:
Item class: Gloves

Purchase costs:
5x Chaos Orb

What is the sell price of Southbound Soldier Gloves?
3x Alchemy Shard 7x Alteration Shard

How will I receive my order?

  1. Check your E-Mail address we send the number of your order there.
  2. Write that number to online consultants.
  3. Log in to the game.
  4. Your item will be delivered to you within 10-15 minutes.

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How fast can I get Southbound Soldier Gloves?

Delivery process takes less than 15 minutes.

Where did you get these items?

We have a team of professional players that farm Southbound Soldier Gloves and many other items

Additional Information:
Item class: Gloves

How long will delivery take?

Our delivery takes no more than 10 minutes Write your order number in the live chat and get it immediately in game