The Builder Platinum Glennach Cairns Watchstone


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The Builder Platinum Glennach Cairns Watchstone
+1 to Monster Level of Area
Influenced Monsters in Areas have (16–20)% chance to drop an additional Rare Jewellery Item
Abysses in Areas have (80–100)% increased chance to lead to an Abyssal Depths
(3–4)% chance in Areas for Gemcutter’s Prisms to drop as 6 Gemcutter’s Prisms instead
Imprisoned Monsters in Areas have 100% chance to drop an additional Rare Item with an Essence Modifier
15 uses remaining

“The Shade walked the land with no end in sight,
no purpose in mind,
but the one it invented to pass the time.”
Socket this into a Citadel on your Atlas to increase the Tier of Maps and reveal hidden Maps in that Citadel’s Region. You can only socket one Crimson, Viridian, Cobalt or Golden Watchstone into each Citadel.

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Small description
The Builder is a unique Platinum Glennach Cairns Watchstone.

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