The False Hope Platinum Lira Arthain Watchstone


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Average delivery time 10-15 min. Delivery speed faster than 75% other stores.



The False Hope Platinum Lira Arthain Watchstone
+1 to Monster Level of Area
Imprisoned Monsters in Areas have 100% chance to drop an additional Rare Item with an Essence Modifier
Flasks found in Areas have (16–20)% chance to drop with 20% Quality
30–40)% chance for Incursion Architects in Areas to be Possessed by a Tormented Spirit
Randomly encountered Masters in Areas have (250–300)% increased chance to be Alva
Master Missions from completing Maps have {0}% increased chance to be Alva
15 uses remaining

“For a time, it was thought this place could seed an empire
greater than any in history.
The lands could be tamed, and commanded, they thought.
But control, like all things in that place, was an illusion.”
Socket this into a Citadel on your Atlas to increase the Tier of Maps and reveal hidden Maps in that Citadel’s Region. You can only socket one Crimson, Viridian, Cobalt or Golden Watchstone into each Citadel.

Where did you get these items?

We have a team of professional players that farm Poe The False Hope and many other items

What is the sell price of The False Hope Platinum Lira Arthain Watchstone?
Sell Price 8x Alchemy Shard 8x Alteration Shard

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Our delivery takes no more than 10 minutes Write your order number in the live chat and get it immediately in game

Small description
The False Hope is a unique Platinum Lira Arthain Watchstone.

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