The Union


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Gemcutter’s Prism

On the 21st of Eterni,
two become one,
their light outshines
the setting sun.

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Our delivery takes no more than 10 minutes Write your order number in the live chat and get it immediately in game

Additional Information:
Item class: Active Skill Gems

Where did you get these items?

We have a team of professional players that farm Poe The Union and many other items

How will I receive my order?

  1. Check your E-Mail address we send the number of your order there.
  2. Write that number to online consultants.
  3. Log in to the game.
  4. Your item will be delivered to you within 10-15 minutes.

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What is the sell price of Gemcutter’s Prism?
Sell Price 1x Scroll Fragment

Purchase costs:
Purchase Costs Normal 1x Orb of Chance