The Writhing Jar Hallowed Hybrid Flask


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The Writhing Jar Hallowed Hybrid Flask
Recovers (120-168) Mana over 5.00 seconds
Recovers (435-609) Life over 5.00 seconds
Consumes (16-18) of 40 Charges on use
Requires Level 60
Instant Recovery
(75-65)% reduced Amount Recovered
2 Enemy Writhing Worms escape the Flask when used
Writhing Worms are destroyed when Hit
(20-10)% reduced Charges used
To achieve godhood, they would cast off all that god has gifted us.
Mortality, compassion, even the sanctity of flesh.
– High Templar Voll
Right click to drink. Can only hold charges while in belt. Refills as you kill monsters.

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Short description
The Writhing Jar is a unique Hallowed Hybrid Flask.

Purchase costs:
8x Chaos Orb

What is the sell price of The Writhing Jar Hallowed Hybrid Flask?
6x Alteration Shard

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