Transcendent Spirit Viridian Jewel


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Transcendent Spirit Viridian Jewel
Radius: Medium (1200)
-1 Dexterity per 1 Dexterity on Allocated Passives in Radius
3% increased Movement Speed per 10 Dexterity on Allocated Passives in Radius
+125 to Accuracy Rating per 10 Dexterity on Unallocated Passives in Radius
2% reduced Movement Speed per 10 Dexterity on Unallocated Passives in Radius
Take comfort knowing that, even in death, we may serve our Queen and fuel her empire.
Place into an allocated jewel socket on the Passive Skill Tree. Right click to remove from the Socket.

Short description
Transcendent Spirit is a unique Viridian Jewel.

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Additional Information:
Item class: Jewel

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