Rotmg Account Knight 8/8, Wizard 8/8 + top set + pixie + wand of fallen + Rare Spooky H59/MH56

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Buy rotmg 16 stars account with stats:

  • Stars: 16
  • Slots: 2
  • Slots Chest: 2
  • Gift chest: Backpack, Mystery Key and much more
  • Character: Knight 8/8, Wizard 8/8
  • Live fame: 6170
  • UT: Ring of the Pyramid, Doku No Ken, Wand of the Fallen, Cloak of the Planewalker, Warlord  Wand, Crystal Shield.
  • ST: Pixie-Enchanted Sword, Swashbuckler’s Sickle x2, Kamishimo, Rusty Cuffs, Ancient Spell, The Robe of Twilight, Tricorne of the High Seas, First Mate’s Hook, Quiver of Shrieking Specters, Memento Mori, Ryu’s Blade
  • Pet: Rare Spooky Heal 59/70 Magic Heal  56/70

This realm of the mad god 16 stars account also include email and password.

Pet for fusing

Fame at account