ROTMG [ENDGAME]{LEGENDARY} ACCOUNT Ninja/Huntress/Knight/ Wizard/Rogue/Bard/ Necromancer/Summoner 8/8 Legendary Pet H72/MH72/S37 SOLD

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Buy rotmg 60 stars account with stats:

  • Stars: 60
  • Character Slots: 7
  • Chest: ST, UT Set and all items shown on images
  • Gift chest: Backpack, potion of max level, dye, food, lucky clover, key dungeon and much more
  • Slots Chest: 7  of 140
  • Character: Ninja/Huntress/Knight/Wizard/Rogue/Necromancer/Bard/Summoner 8/8
  • Total Char Fame: 238 (58974)
  • UT: Doom Bow, Bow of the Morning Star, Spirit Dagger, Krathana, Spatula Dagger, Nail Gun Bow, Ancient Stone Sword, Plague Poison, Random Spell Extraction Device, Kageboshi, Garment of the Beast, Amulet of Drakefyre, Robe of the Mad Scientist, The Forgotten Crown,  Hollyhock Hide, Frimarra, Hammer Sword, Ray Katana, Spectral Cloth Armor, Snake Charmer Pungi, Frost Elementalist Robe, Chrysanthemum Corsage, Edictum Praetoris, Skullish Remains of Esben, Toga Picta, Interregnum, and all items shown on images.
  • ST:Hollyhock Hide, Mercy’s Bane, Golem Garments, Wraith’s Brigandine, Scorchium Stone, Tricorne of the High Seas, Ghastly Drape, Lightshow Scepter, Abomination’s Wrath, Etherite Dagger, First Mate’s Hook, Ring of Pagan Favor, Laborer’s Hard Hat and all items shown on images.
  • Skins Unlocked: 18
  • Pet: Legendary Pet Heal 72/ Magic Heal 72/Savage 37

This realm of the mad god 60 stars account also include email and game password.