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Orbs are used by Mystics to target an area, putting enemies into a status condition called Stasis. In Stasis any affected enemies turn gray and cannot attack or move, but cannot be damaged. Almost every orb also Curse Inflicts Curse within a wider radius of the targeted spot. Cursed enemies suffer an increase of 20% to all damage inflicted on them, applied after defense. The highest tiered Orbs grant Red Sword Berserk to the Mystic.
Most bosses are immune to Stasis, though their minions tend to be vulnerable. After a Stasis wears off, the enemy gains Stasis-immunity for a short time, thus chain Stasis is not possible. The Void Entity is the only creature in the game that has an immunity against Curse. Some creatures can be affected by Stasis and Curse even when they are otherwise invincible.

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