Rotmg Poisons


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Poisons in Realm of the Mad God will boost your character.


Poison is an item used by an Assassin. Damage is total damage done during the duration of the poison. Enemy defense is ignored. The total damage done is slightly less than the damage indicated on the poison description and varies.

Poison is used by throwing the bottle in an arc and sets off a radius of infliction when it lands 0.8 seconds later, along with dealing a portion of the specified damage instantly. Since this is not a client sided process, expect the damage over time to take longer depending on your network latency. The poison is great against stationary enemies, enemies on the other sides of walls and, with skill, taking out entire aggro groups. Poison can affect invincible enemies, provided that you hit them before they turn invincible. All poisons can stack. The stasis effect does not affect the poison duration.


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