Pet abilities

Pets, of course, everyone loves these cute little faces, regardless of whether a fat pink pig or a scary terrible spider.
Rotmg Pets are very important because they provide the regeneration of mana and the health poions of character. Pets in Realm of the Mad God have a large number of abilities:

  • Heal – Regenerates a certain amount of hp.
  • Magic Heal – Restores your mana periodically.
  • Attack Close – Shoots at any enemy in range of 4.5 tiles, deals strong dmg.
  • Attack Mid – Shoots at at any enemy in range of 6.75 tiles, deals average dmg.
  • Attack Far – Shoots at any enemy in range of 9 tiles, deals little dmg.
  • Decoy – Bait nearby enemies, a higher level increases the range, duration and frequency of use.
  • Electric – Paralyze enemies in a range of 2 tiles from pet
  • Savage – Pet charges enemies.
  • Rising Fury – Your pet creates a small area in which it deals damage in a few seconds. Leveling increases range of the blast, damage, and frequency of the blast.

The most useful of the abilities are: heal, mheal, electric, in order of utility.

Pet Families

Pets have tier and families;
In total there are 14 families:

  1. Aquatic
  2. Automaton
  3. Avian
  4. Canine
  5. Exotic
  6. Farm
  7. Feline
  8. Humanoid
  9. Insect
  10. Miscellaneous
  11. Penguin
  12. Reptile
  13. Spooky
  14. Woodland

and 5 tiers:


Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Divine. (sorting by rarity)
For example, you can get uncommon humanoid pet with Heal, MHeal, Electric from humanoid egg, but you can’t get rotmg divine pet, cause there is no divine eggs, you can only find rare eggs. All families in the Realm of the Mad Amd game are unique, each pet has its own sprite and starting ability. As you can see, most of avian pets get an attack close as their first ability. (For more information visit any egg page that belong to certain family to see the differences)
Some of the penguin divine rotmg pet skins:

NameImageObtained FromStarting Ability
Rotmg Battle PenguinRotmg-Battle-PenguinFusion (high chance)
Rotmg Reticulated LonguinRotmg-Reticulated-LonguinMB
Rotmg Tank PenguinRotmg-Tank-PenguinFusion (high chance)
Rotmg Transcendent PenguinRotmg-Transcendent-PenguinMB
Rotmg Aeronautical PenguinRotmg-Aeronautical-PenguinMB
Rotmg Fool’s PenguinRotmg-Fools-PenguinTBA Cannot be obtained through fusion


Levelling of the pet is carried out by feeding. In order to feed the pet you need come to pet yard, choose a yard caretaker, then press “pets” button to select the pet which you want to feed, usingfame or gold . Choose the items which do you want to use for feeding.


To max your pet to the next tier you should fuse it with another maxed pet  in the pet yard to get a good next tiered pet with maximum stats.
For example:


If you fusing two feline uncommon pets, one with 50/50 stats, and another one with 50/47, then you will get 70/~68-69 stat caps rare pet.
As your pet levelling he will increase his tier from common to divine. At some pet levels, new abilities will be unlocked, it’s worth considering before decide which pet you will levell.
The maximum Tier that can be obtained in the game – Divine 100/100/100. This is just what all the top players strive for, but it is not so easy to do, cause it requires a lot of effort.