ROTMG The Cemetery Key x8


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The Cemetery Key open Haunted Cemetery dungeon.

The Haunted Cemetery is a medium-high level dungeon. Enemies and bosses are weaker at first stages but are increasingly stronger after each wave. The dungeon consists of five stages: the Haunted Cemetery, the Gates, the Crypt, the Graves, and the Final Battle. Each stage consists of five rounds against enemies, with the fifth round being a boss encounter.

This dungeon is intended for medium level players (Suggested Level: 20). A great dungeon to get spare gear, as the dungeon drops lots of Tier 5 abilities and Tier 9-11 weapons, as well as armor. The dungeon is a major source of Potions of Speed, with up to five potions potentially obtainable in a single run.

Entrances to the Haunted Cemetery are dropped from Headless Horsemen, an uncommon enemy in the Mountains.