Equipment in the Realm of the Mad God game is a major improvement as well as maxing your character stats, there are more than 20 types of equipment in the game:

  • Weapons
  • Rings
  • Abilities
  • Armors

Each listing differs in atack range, effects, visuals and characteristics, as well as requirements for using by certain classes.
we have presented (sold) all types of rotmg items that you need.

Gradation of Items

Realm of the Mad god Items can be

  • Common – any
  • ST – special themed
  • UT – untiered

There are 4 types of equipment: weapons, rings, armor and abilities. All of them, are divided have tier, in total there are 14 tiers in the game. Weapons can be 13 tier maximum, armor – 14, rings and abilities – 6.