T10 Shotgun

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Increased damage up-close.

The signature weapon type of the Assault and Bandit planes and an alternate weapon type of the Old Faithful. Siege Tank 2-A unlocks this weapon type for use on Siege Tanks.

Shotguns normally fire 6 bullets in a 50° firing arc in front of the player and inflict close-range bonus damage (using an invisible bullet) on a single enemy in the direction of aim, provided that the distance between the player and the target is no larger than 55% of the weapon’s effective range. As well, their visible bullets start with +55% base damage at point-blank range and lose this damage bonus as they travel, down to a minimum of -10% base damage at maximum range (currently, this mechanic only applies to standard shotguns, but may be applied to elemental and special shotguns as well in the future).