T10 Swords

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Sword tip deals bonus damage.

Swords, weapons only usable by the Paladin, project a plasma chainsaw which rapidly damages enemies. Max Speed (and Super Speed by extension) is reduced by 20% while such a chainsaw is active.

Swords fire two invisible enemy-piercing bullets whenever a plasma chainsaw is being projected. One of these invisible bullets starts at a location 4.75 units ahead of the Sword user (around the chainsaw’s tip) and has an RoF of 10/s; the other invisible bullet, specifically shaped for use on Swords, is deployed at a location 2.5 units ahead of the Sword user (around the middle of the chainsaw’s body) and has an RoF of 20/s. Both of these invisible bullets can be multiplied by Aura of Attack and Attack Area buffs at the usual cost of reduced RoF for the duration.