Trove Accounts


Trove Accounts are a great way to get right into playing the game at high levels when you don’t have the time to farm and level up it by yourself. At site you can find a new one with crystal gears, light, magic find and many rare unlocked styles/mounts/allies.

It is worth noting that Trove by itself is a very unique sandbox, where your character is a part of you in the game universe. For your safety, Glyph has two-factor  authentication, so once you enable it – your account will definitely protected.

Accounts can be of absolutely any level, starting from 25k PR or high Light/MF ones.

If you are not a fan of tedious and long farming, then purchasing is your choice! The best deals for accounts that have been registered a long time ago and leveled up since the beta testing of the game, because you will have access to many unique items that new players can only dream about. There are also many in-game events that give you a chance to obtain mounts, allies and costumes that you won’t be able to obtain anywhere else.