“Forging is a gameplay mechanism used by players to increase the level of their equipment. Trove has three different forges, each with a specific use.

Forges are used to upgrade and increase the Shadow Level of your eqipment. Shadow Level gear can have a stat of Shadow Level 1 – Shadow Level 4. Forges use Flux as a main component for non-shadow gear, and Shadow Souls for Shadow Level gear upgrading.

Enchanted Forges are used to increase the number of stats on your equipment, and to upgrade or downgrade the rarity of your items. Advanced Forges use Perfect Prisms, Pearl of Wisdoms and Twinkling Tomes as materials.

Chaos Forges use Eye and Tentacles of Q’bthulthu to randomize the stats and values of stats on your equipment. Since the Forge update (5/26/15), Tentacles can only be used to randomize the third and fourth (if present) stat on an item.”