Cursed Skylands Adventure Portals (Trove – PC/Mac)


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Press [E] to fly in!
The Cursed Skylands Adventure Portal can be crafted at a Builder’s Crafting Bench and can be found in the Hub starting at the Uber 5 tier next to the Uber-5 Adventure Portal going all the way up to Uber-9. Players need a minimum of 900 Power Rank to enter the Uber-5 Cursed Skylands. Unlike Uber Worlds, the Cursed Skylands drop Air Gem Boxes of varying rarity depending on the Uber rank.
Defeating Lair bosses or Boss-type monsters will grant players 1 Air Gem Box and 2 Air Gem Boxes for Dungeon bosses. This world will not drop any shadow key fragments for completing Dungeons/Lairs.