Cursed Vale World (Trove – PC/Mac)


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Press [E] to journey to this adventure world. The Cursed Vale and the Viking Burial Grounds await those brave or foolhardy enough to enter…
The Cursed Vale World is a craftable Adventure Portal which allows a player to teleport to an Elite difficulty world. It requires 100 Power Rank to enter, and has a suggested Experience Level of 6-7. This world will primarily drop Epic Equipment, although higher rarities can be dropped through Magic Find triggers. A portal can be found in the tower at the center of the Hub, and others can also be crafted at a Builder’s Crafting Bench. Crafted portals can be placed in a Cornerstone or a Club World. Only the Cursed Vale, Medieval Highlands, Permafrost, Treasure Isles and Peaceful Hills biomes can spawn here, and the world consists primarily of Cursed Vale.