Trove Delves


May 5th 2020 for the PC and July 7th 2020 for console servers was released Trove Delves.

It is a new type of gameplay, combining the Geode caves with procedurally generated combat.

Players need run through a delve, complete the objectives, and then faster killing the final boss for rewards and try going deeper and deeper.

As the depth increases, also increases the rewards and the challenges for all party. For now Trove have 3 type of Delves: Public, Private and Challenge. Only 3 for now, but In them the players will find a lot of fun, good loot and dangers.

8 players can join in 1 delve. Each type of delve have a combination of Deltaliths. It is mutators which can change some mobs and players stats. Also deltaliths can change other aspects of Delve run.