“This set consists of three items of any quality. It include the following items: Hat, Face, Weapon. This is a triple advantage over a single crystal item, since there are three of them and it is a significant increase in power rank. Every character has its own weapon, so one set will not be used at every class in Trove. To upgrade these items, you will have to lay out a lot of resources, especially crystalline cores. Crystal sets – it cannot be traded to other players. So, there is two ways of obtaining items when ordering them:

  • You will follow the dungeons together with our pro-player.
  • You provide access to your account and our pro-player will be farming on your account.

By having the full crystal lvl 4 equipment set, you can reach the maximum power rank and maximum light in the game, but it will be quite difficult to do so. Every class has its own weapon, so a single set will not be enough for every class. Upgrading crystal gear also takes a long time and lots of resources.”