Shadow’s Eve is Trove’s Halloween event that will be held from mid-late October to early November as an annual event. During this Holiday pumpkin patch lairs will be found throughout the Cursed Vale biome. Players will be able to farm pumpkins either by breaking them in the pumpkin patches or by crafting Pumpkin Seeds at the Gardening Bench (requires a skill of 250 to craft). With Pumpkins players can craft various event items at the Shadowy Station in the Hub. Shadow’s Eve contains many Halloween themed items, and was the debut of the Nightmare, Spookytime and Haunted Mystery Boxes. Mystery Boxes can be crafted at the Shadowy Station using Candy Corn (earned from Pumpkin Lairs, which can replace Lairs in any non-elemental world, as well as from defeating Todstrom, who can replace any Lair chests in the Cursed Vale) and can contain Shadow’s Eve Recipes or Shadow’s Eve Adventurer Chests as a common drop, one of two themed masks as an uncommon drop, and various event collectibles as rare drops. The store was stocked with a special Shadow’s Eve mag rider, the Caskart. Autumn Pinatas were also added, which have a chance to drop the Autumn Pinata mount. The Autumn themed pinatas will also drop Candy Corn but only during the event.”