Trove Chaos Chest


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Chaos Chests is a lootbox that contains many items such as resources and collectibles. These chests can be obtained from lairand dungeon chests uncommonly, and can also be purchased through the Store for 50 Credits each (bought either by itself, in a bundle of 11 with a bonus Chest, or in a bundle of 110 with a bonus 10 Chests and a Golden Chaos Chest). Chaos Chests can also be freely obtained through Chaos Factor daily. Players can get 1,500 Chaos Chests by loot collecting the Mega Chaos Chest.

The chests can be opened like any Lootbox, and they grant the player a random item. Contents range from crafting materials to consumables with a rare chance of various Mounts, Wings, Allies, Boats, and more. Several times these chaos chests will contain rare loot that is only found in certain Chaos Chest Rotations.