Trove Crystal Spear PC


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Spears are a weapon type that were released along with the Lunar Lancer and Revenant. They deal physical damage, and have more range than normal melee weapons, but only attack forwards.

Our experienced player will help you to get Crystal Spear Set.
Your character should have at least 5000 PowerRank (It is advisable to have more) it’s needed to go into Geode.
After purchase, contact our support in the live chat to determine the time convenient for you. Because to get crystalls you will need to be in game.
You can choose next delivery methods:

  1. Our special experienced player will farm crystal gear in Geode with you for 1 hour. (Our special player will play on account with +30k pr)
  2. Our pro player will farm crystalls on your account, until it drops. (You should give your account details: email and password for this method