Chloromancer is a most likely ranged and melee fighter.

The main stat is Magic Damage.

Cholomancer skills:

  1. Phitobarrier – a barrier that protects you from attacks when your health is below 50%. (Reduces damage from the attacker, also removed if health is above 50%, lasts 15 seconds)
  2. Crazy Vine – a flower that deals damage in the area and slows down the enemy. (You can speed up the growth by shooting at it) (You can plant only 4 sprouts)
  3. Blooming Pollinator – when it grows explodes and heals everyone around. (You can also speed up growth by shooting at it)
  4. Sowing Chaos (ULTA) – releases 4 sprouts of Crazy Vine and 4 sprouts of Blooming Pollinator, which grow faster than usual.


Class ability: When planting flowers, a “”minigun”” randomly drops out, which makes two powerful volleys at the enemy.

Chloromancer Equipment:

  1. 1. Staff – Magic Damage, Critical Damage, Jump, Attack Speed
  2. Hat – Maximum Health, Critical Damage, Magic Find, Attack Speed
  3. Face – Maximum Health, Critical Damage, Magic Damage, Attack Speed
  4. Ring – Magic Damage, Energy Regeneration}
  5. Emblems – Arcane and Surestrike