The fairy has the highest damage from auto-attack. Despite not so damaging skills, she can infuse the greatest damage from the passive, which is especially useful in ST. It is difficult to play as a character, you must always make sure that you are not overtaken by more than 1 hit. The character is very mobile due to the blinking and illusion on which the mobs are aggro, which allows her to completely forget about things for survival. For players who will be tricky enough to evade all the mobs it will inflict huge portion of damage.   Fae Trickster skills:  

  1. Leap

Summons an illusionary clone to distract enemies and teleports you forward. The lures work for 4 seconds, after which they disappear Decoys are limited in health, some enemies will kill her faster The lures are heavy and will fall until they touch the block After using the skill, your character will teleport 5-7 blocks forward, leaving a decoy behind him The lures are stationary and cannot be moved (to the sides) This is our main ability for solo farming. Mobs aggro on the bait, you calmly beat them from the back. They run at you, you press RMB, they hit the bait, you turn around and hit them in the back, and so on in a circle. It’s simple.  

  1. Blazing bomb

Throws an explosive discoball at enemies. Able to destroy blocks Despite not being mentioned in the description; significant knocks back enemies Area Magic Damage 5×5 (No Edge) Holding down the ability key – shows the flight path A bomb that deals area damage. The damage is small, roughly 200% of your Magic Damage. Not taking into account the regeneration of energy, you can throw 4 pieces at once. If you will throw into the upper half of the enemy (face, body), do not rely on a strong knockback, if at the legs, it will be thrown about 3 blocks. The only advantage is the speed of the animation. 5 bombs can be cast in 2s. We only use it if we have good regeneration for mobs.  

  1. Fairy dance

Summons magic staves to attack foes. Staves have a time limit (6-8 seconds) before they disappear Staffs have a limited amount of health, try to keep the enemy on the bait The staves have weight and will fall until they touch the block The staves are stationary and cannot be moved (to the sides) Staffs also take damage from fire, and, moreover, 1-1.5 times more than the character

  1. Ultimate ability.

Does not represent much power. Each staff deals the same damage that you do from your hand (ATTENTION) without passive. The staffs have time to make 5 hits. Which is equal to our 5 blows under passive. But, if the target is moving, then 50% of the staff misses are provided. And this whole picture is made worse by the casting time. While creating them, we will lose a good 2 seconds. The result is that the ability is of little use.  

  1. Ego Explosion

If you take no damage, then your main attacks deal additional damage. The main damage is increased by 2-3 times, before taking damage to the character Cooldown 2-3 seconds after taking damage To be more precise, the gain is 2.5 times. That’s the whole fairy trick. Imagine you hitting 10k. And with 25k passive!   Can you imagine crits? The main thing is not to take damage, it’s hard to play as for this class, but in the right hands the fairies has no equal.”