Shadow hunter is a ranged class that uses a bow. Skills:

  1. Radiant Arrow

The hunter loads the arrow and hardly charging his bow. Skill takes 1 second to charge. And the fired arrow pierces  walls and enemies. An arrow have firing disctance – 45 blocks. (Normal attack only 26) Also, this skill is best used in conjunction with a passive skill. The passive skill itself can explain why our archer is called a shadow hunter.

  1. Sun Snare

The next skill of hunter is a light mine, or light trap. It stuns enemies within a 7×7 block radius for 3 seconds. And it also deals some damage to them.

  1. Arrow of the Goddess

And our last skill, sounds like “”Arrow of the Goddess”” which justifies its name. After activating this skill, the first thing that happens: All nearby targets are highlighted by our passive skill. And if you shoot an arrow (the first skill) at enemies 7 blocks away from you, then the damage to highlighted enemies increases by 10 times, and non-highlighted ones receive increased damage by 7-8 times.

  1. Dark Whispers(Passive)

Thanks to this skill, our archer becomes a shadow hunter. What it does: This skill highlights a random enemy for the hunter, regardless of obstacles. THOSE. our hunter can see the silhouette of the enemy through the walls. As a rule, the illumination of the enemy takes 3-4 seconds. The enemy highlighted by this skill takes several times more damage.   The main stats of SH is: Energy regeneration Physical damage.”