Celestial Stag (Legendary)

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The Celestial Stag is a rank 4 mount that found in the Lockbox of the Nine.

Binds on Equip (Character)

Combat Power: Summon your Celestial Stag that brings with it a rain of stars for 8 seconds, continually causing 699 damage to your enemies and slowing their Run Speed by 10%.

Equip Power: +2,000 Recovery +2,000 Regeneration

Speed Power: Increases your movement speed by 140%. You can be dismounted if you suffer 6 hits in 5 seconds, or lose 10% or more of your hitpoints in a single attack.

Illuminated Insignia Slot: No Insignia

Universal Slot: No Insignia

Universal Slot: No Insignia

A magically created stag crafted from the powers of the Astral Plane whose flank shimmers with the stars and hues of the cosmic sky. The spells to create these majestic stags have been lost to time, however, there are still stags that exist that will come to the call of the virtuous and just.