Neverwinter Mounts


Mounts are ingame creatures that allows the player to travel with increased speed across the whole game world. It is worth saying that the mounts do not only give the increased speed, but also provide different increased stats from insignias and bonuses of each mount in stable. They are available to each player from the beginning after finishing the tutorial.

Neverwinter Mounts divided into 5 types:

  • Common (50% speed bonus, do not provide any bonuses to stats).
  • Uncommon (50% speed bonus, also do not provide any bonuses).
  • Rare (80% speed bonus, no additional stats).
  • Epic (110% speed bonus, have a +5000 bonus to a specific character stat).
  • Legendary (140% speed bonus, have a +10000 bonus to a specific stat, also add a unique skill which can be activated by pressing a button on your keyboard to damage enemies, to receive a buff or stats and for other purposes).

Mounts have slots for Insignias, which are determined for each of them separately, that’s why when you buying a new mount, it is recommended that you always pay attention to the insignias that you will need in the future. You can get them from the auction house or from defeating mobs or opening chests.

Mounts in Neverwinter can be obtained from epic dungeons, trials and also can be bought with the astral diamonds at the auction house and with the trade bars at the Protector’s Enclave.

If we look at the necessity, in the early stages of playing it is highly required to buy an epic mount for your character with the right stats as quickly as possible.

Their cost usually starts from 100000 astral diamonds. In the future do not rush to buy a legendary mount. Be sure to think if you really need it, because their price usually starts from 6 million astral diamonds, and there is no other “free” way of obtaining them. If you still decided that you want one, the 3 most popular currently are:

  • Tenser’s floating disk
  • War Triceratops
  • Swarm

Make the right choice when buying mounts…