Feytouched Enchantment


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Feytouched enchantment is a weak enchantment that lost its strength long time ago. Your powers deal additional psychic damage as a % of your weapon damage. Your skills decrease target damage dealt by 1-20% and turn this damage into additional damage on hit. The price is average, and it is not really relevant.

The Feytouched Enchantment is a weapon enchantment.

Item Level: 150

When applied to an item:

Weapon Enhancement Slot: Your At-Will, Encounter, and Daily powers deal 5% bonus damage as Psychic damage. Your daily powers decrease target damage dealt by 10% and inflict -3,000 Deflection Rating. This effect lasts 10 seconds and may only happen once every 30 seconds. The influence of the Fey has warped your weapon, causing it to twist and bend for foes and empower you.

Enchantment Rank: 14 (maximum)

No Level Requirement